Hi, I’m Fang Dev.

A passionate software engineer based in Southern California.

I thrive on creating innovative solutions and turning ideas into reality. The excitement of learning, building, and refining projects used by others fuels my drive for continuous improvement and exploration.

Seasoned in JavaScript development, I embrace the open-source community and am constantly seeking opportunities to contribute. My love for the web is deeply rooted in its open, accessible nature and its ever-evolving platform.

Staying up-to-date with modern web technologies is a top priority for me. Currently, I'm captivated by Svelte, Tailwind CSS, and the Jamstack, which have revolutionized my workflow and aligned perfectly with my goals.

In my quest for knowledge, I write about and curate resources around these technologies. However, there's a wealth of information out there, so don't hesitate to explore beyond my recommendations!

Currently Working on several projects and am always open to new opportunities. If you'd like to connect, discuss potential collaborations, or simply chat, please feel free to reach out.