by Fang. A Case Study.

Elevated and Enhanced

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Fang collaborated with to elevate its freemium transition and boost the platform’s digital presence.

Client carved its niche in the entrenched arena of remote EMDR, serving thousands of users as a free platform. As the digital landscape evolved, so did the platform, transitioning to a freemium model to better cater to its growing user base.


With the desire to transition from a purely free service to a freemium model, sought to reimagine its online experience. The objective was clear: offer a more engaging, user-friendly platform while maintaining the trust and loyalty of its existing user base.


Working hand in hand with the team, Fang undertook a meticulous overhaul of the platform, incorporating modern design principles, robust backend functionalities, and ensuring an unmatched user experience. The transition from concept to execution spanned several months, culminating in a seamless launch.

Our Role

Tech overhaul, UX/UI enhancement, backend integration, branding strategy, content layout.

Time for a Revamp

Elevating the Tech’s transition wasn’t just skin-deep. Under the hood, the platform underwent significant changes, migrating from Sapper to Kit, impacting its 8,000-strong user base, all in a swift 12-hour window.

User-Centric Redesign

Understanding the user was paramount. Fang immersed himself in user research, collaborating closely with UX designers and diving deep into analytics, shaping a design that was not only visually appealing but also functionally superior.

Refined Aesthetics

Transitioning to the freemium model wasn’t just about introducing a payment system. It was about giving both free and premium users a top-tier experience. The integration of Tailwind UI, along with the migration from scoped CSS styles, ensured the platform was not only efficient but also elegantly designed.

Backend Brilliance

The backend saw its fair share of innovation. From designing a crowdfunding pre-order page to introducing a transactional signup system, every step was a testament to Fang’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Triumphs

Consistency in Excellence

Day in and day out, Fang showcased the ability to consistently deliver. Whether it was UX/UI design or backend integrations, the commitment to quality never wavered.

End-to-End Mastery

From user research to final implementation, Fang’s role was holistic. The seamless transition of stands as a testament to his versatility and expertise.

Elevating the User Experience

By introducing end-to-end tests using Playwright and automating them via GitHub actions, the platform’s reliability and user trust were fortified.

The Bigger Picture

Financial Flourish

In the first quarter following the launch of’s paid iteration, the platform saw remarkable financial growth through the integration of a state-of-the art payments system. This pivotal transition from free to freemium wasn’t merely a change in pricing model; it was a testament to the platform’s robust engineering and market resonance.

A Growing Community

Numbers tell part of the story. With a thriving community now exceeding 30,000 users, the platform’s robust engineering, reliability, and user experience stood out, proving its worth and user allegiance.

In Their Words

“Working alongside Fang during the evolution of was transformative. The robust engineering solutions and architectural decisions driven by Fang significantly elevated our platform. The sheer dedication to ensuring every facet of the system worked seamlessly was a marvel. The success we’ve seen post-launch is a direct testament to the relentless hard work and vision, with Fang’s engineering prowess central to it all.”
— Yannick J. Steinback, Technology & Product